Pants: Optional / Glasses: Mandatory


digimon stickers for AX!


heres 15 or so seconds of my 2 day old baby guinea pig enjoy

I watched this video and Snickers started squealing back at it.

I’m not crying over Yamato and Gabumon!

You’re crying!!!

Made it to episode 45:

  • I really feel for Yamato.
  • I am also really glad he punched Taichi. (I was hoping someone would.)
  • I like that each of the kids is handling their situation differently — or not handling it, in some cases — because it feels really genuine. They are actual children and not all of them should be able to just handle this with no problems. 


Parent: What does a cow say?

Baby: Moo!

Parent: Yay!! What does a cat say?

Baby: Meow!

Parent: Great job! Now, what does a dog say?

Baby: *deep voice* Aoba

So I’ve reached episode 38 of Digimon and here are a few of my thoughts:

  • They have the worst teacher I’ve ever seen. He literally sees nothing wrong with dropping off a group of kids, unchaperoned, in another city because an 11-year-old said he’d be responsible for them.
  • I love how a hat and a raincoat is so clever a disguise for Tentomon that Augmon gets jealous and needs a hoodie. Neither of those outfits make you look any less like weird little monsters.
  • I appreciate that Patamon (the cutest one) turns into a angelic monster babe. Same for Tailmon.
  • Still laugh at Weregarurumon’s pants every single time.


Hi, I’m Gustav. I’m a six year old cat who was abandoned by my owner when he moved to a new apartment. I’m an awesome kitty, but I struggle to stay healthy due to my feline asthma. The local shelter takes great care of me, but it would really help me if they had a better air purification system.

If you click on this link and vote for The Belleville Area Humane Society, they could win a $10,000 HVAC and purification system for their facility for free! That would be a big deal for all the furry friends living here.

You can vote every five minutes and you don’t have to register, so please spread the word and do it as often as you’re able! Thank you!

Okay, it’s happened.

It took until episode 33 but I was legitimately upset when Non-sexy-voiced-vampire-badguy offed cute pumpkin head and rock monster.

Not cool, show.

I’m dying. Weregarurumon has ripped jeans.

It’s perfect evolution involved ugly pants.


Pulguinha the Steampunk Guinea Pig!

Leather Wings created by SkyPirateCreations


To be continued……………………………………………….??

What the hell is Ryugazaki Rei? by fallen-lucifiel

…the thing I’ve been struggling with last month (around ep 2 and I haven’t touched it after ep 3). First part directly taken from the last part of Rin & Rei’s mini-drama cd… I just wanted to share what Rei’s smile does to my heart. Rin is my scapegoat. (•⊙ω⊙•)

I am waffling over watching the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and then Digimon, or just going right to Digimon.

Digimon is following me. They played the theme song in Kinokuniya today and I knew it instantly.

As Chris said, I have become Diginvested.