Pants: Optional / Glasses: Mandatory


somebody stop me

I can no longer listen to “This is Halloween” without getting angry and having flashbacks to all those hours I was stuck in Halloween Town.

Trial run #1!

I need to get a tube of blue for the eyes and work a little more on shading the teeth.


you can take the mask off now kaneki

So I decided on my Halloween costume yesterday and took the plunge to buy all the necessary materials in order to make it.

What’s the scariest thing I could think of?

The new happy meal box.


i will always love pure innocent kaneki forever

I fell in love with a really terrible song because it reminded me of one of my oc pairings.

Flash Cookie Recipe

Check under the cut for a step-by-step guide to making these fun and delicious Flash cookies!

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You guys ever find a show that you can’t stop watching but you also can’t decide if you’d rather smother the title character or yourself?


My contribution to the Tokyo Ghoul fandom: Tokyo Ghoulgly Eyes.

My guinea pig is walking the dog

Did anyone else notice the Pieta moment in Sailor Moon Crystal this week?