Pants: Optional / Glasses: Mandatory



Coconut birthday cake. I am living the dream.

Sounds delish!  Happy Birthday Jess!!!

Thanks!!! <3 

gandalfexmachina replied to your post: Whoooo! Okay, so I spent the evening making a set…

omg that sounds so precious <3!

I know! It makes me think of one of my best friends who is getting married in May. She didn’t go for a full-on theme wedding, but the bride on her cake topper is a Sailor Saturn figure.


I wish this was me.

This is me.

 Remy LeBeau // Gambit
Hasn’t been your night, eh, chère? Or maybe it has— considering how often I am here to rescue you.



What About Second Breakfast? of the Day: Denny’s is rolling out an unexpected menu, full of Hobbit-themed food options. Anyone up for “Shire Sausage” or “Gandalf’s Gobble Melt?” 

See if you can stomach the commercial.


oh my god

You are going to second breakfast with me before we go see the Hobbit!


Jess as Rainbow Brite rocking out to Ke$ha in the hotel room.

I get so happy when people reblog bear things and tag me.


For Jess :3



What I was making was…….Jake from Adventure Time! :D

I decided not to put a mouth on him because it looked awkward :x


How do I not already own this?


Imagine if you will two 25 year old grown women jumping up and down excitedly at the prospect of watching a children’s cartoon while wearing onesie pajamas of characters from that cartoon, while holding dolls who are also dressed as characters from that cartoon.

This is a thing that will happen this winter. I imagine it snowing outside while we drink coffee (me from my spider-man mug) and we’ll lounge in my basement with the heater on and my dog snoring nearby.

And we’ll watch Goliad and laugh hysterically at the vomiting candy people part.

We always have the same terrible ideas of how to make our characters’ lives awful.

Olympics moment





The Olympics meant seventeen days of sleep deprivation for Turlough.

(Thanks to perfectchichi and timelordtechnology for the photo.)

Yep, Turlough, I know what that’s like…

Ugh. My life.

Why is there a picture of this guy where a picture of Jess should be?


The score bars are leaving so much to the imagination…

that moment when you can’t tell the difference between olympic spam and gay porn on your dash.

Oh my god.